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Hear from Luisa Leal, Founder & CEO of The Akari Foundation, who shared this quote about being named one of the 2023 recipients:
Learn About the Rare Disease Community: Meet Luisa Leal

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Luisa Leal, founder of The Akari Foundation, was on the BloodStream Media podcast, in a new episode called “From Mexico to Texas: Talking about the Akari Foundation.”

In this episode, Luisa shares her start in the world of rare diseases and all the initiatives that are being carried out at the foundation.
“We need to work together to promote equitable access to gene therapies. Access to these life-altering therapies should not depend on your level of income and should certainly not depend on your race.”.

An Interview With Luisa Leal, Founder and CEO of The Akari Foundation

Larry Luxner, senior correspondent for Rare Disease Advisor, interviews Luisa Leal, founder and CEO of The Akari Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit that advocates on behalf of Spanish-speaking families affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

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